Reverend Flatroc Cream Electric Guitar


It's a's an's a hollowbody-inspired rock and blues machine! Contact us for all available colors!

What we think:

At first glance you see a simple guitar...but the Reverend Flatroc is so much more than what meets the eye.

Realistically speaking, the body is actually on the more tamed side of Reverend's boundary pushing guitars, but about everything else on this guitar is above and beyond. The Revtron pickups have that aggressive upper-mid growl that's become so prominent in harder music from southern rock to even the blues. The bass contour knob works absolute tonal miracles like on all Reverends - just blend the bass to taste and you'll have a sound entirely your own. The standard scale length and relatively tame body size are extremely comfortable and are a perfect fit when she's under your arms. Whether you're looking for a guitar to get some sparkle and twang out of, or you're looking for an axe to crank the gain up and really rock out - the Flatroc is still your best bet.

Warm, open and just calling your name - doesn't it already feel like Home?

Manufacturer Description:


This guitar combines the distinctive upper-mid growl of the Revtron pickup with the classic twang of a 25.5″ scale maple neck. The result is a distinctively clean-yet-warm twang with excellent sustain, making it right at home playing rockabilly, blues, or rock.

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