Reverend Jetstream 390 Oceanside Green Electric Guitar


3 P90's and that powerful bass contour knob make this a supremely versatile rocker! Contact us for any available colors!

What we think:

The Reverend Jetstream 390 - a guitar perfectly crafted for jazz, blues, surf rock, and every genre imaginable inbetween!

A Jetstream is formed at the boundary of two air masses that are polar opposites, and we can see where this concoction got it's name. The vintage sound widely constrasts with the modern appearance of the Jetstream 390. The P90's in this guitar give it a warm and open sound that's easily beefed up by the bass contour. The bass contour knob is really the key to it all, on this guitar specifically - as you are able to dial in a sound all yourself. Roll it up to get a robust low end that punches through or roll it back to have that classic P90 "quack" without such a bass-heavy response. Regardless of how you set it, you're able to achieve the sound you want.

Between the 5 way switching, bass contour knob and already great sound to start with, you're left with a guitar fully capable of taming the soundscapes of your everyday life. Whether you're looking for a guitar to just play at home, or looking for the everyday gigging musician's best friend, chances are Reverend's are pretty high up on the list with gems like this Jetstream. 

Manufacturer Description:


Fat, raw and bluesy but with just the right amount of bite to cut through. Positions 2 and 4 on the pickup selector deliver classic “quack” but with a thicker tonality. An amazing guitar for both clean and distorted tones with enough twang for surf, but thick enough for rock.

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