Reverend Six Gun Tobacco Burst Electric Guitar #20191


A unique take on the standard S-style with Reverend's signature bass contour knob!

What we think:

Weight: 7.5 lbs.

When Reverend describes the Six Gun as their own "S-style on steroids," the metaphor strikes pretty close to home.

As a boutique dealer, it's pretty safe to say we see our fair share of incredible S-style guitars make their way through the shop. The Reverend Six Gun is a breed of its own, a modern take on a design that's stayed tried-and-true. Tonally flexible and supremely rad, the 5 way switch really sums up what this guitar is all about - options. Everything from open and airy to spanky and sparkling can be achieved here, with the bass contour knob really dictating the direction of the overall tone. Feel free to beef up a slightly-too-crispy high end end or roll the knob back and tighten up a flubby bass-heavy response, the choice is yours. The tonal options at your fingertips really cater to the modern player, one who wants something to cover all sorts of ground and look cool while doing so. This Six Gun has seperated itself in terms of S-style guitars in it's pricepoint, blowing everything near it out of the water.

If you're a serious player with a discerning ear, the Six Gun won't let you down.

Manufacturer Description:


The latest Six Gun now with the new, sleeker body shape. Imagine an “S” style guitar on steroids… those familiar tones but bigger, and with a tremolo that stays in tune! This tone gun features our new Salnico single-coils featuring alnico 5 rod magnets, for a classic shimmer and twang but with more body. And you can always dial back the Bass Contour for a leaner more traditional tone… very versatile!

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