Rickenbacker 2000 1997 Rose Morris Reissue

The "1997" is a reissue of the "330" model that Rickenbacker produced for export to the UK in the 1960s.

Rose Morris, Rickenbacker's UK import agent, ordered the 330 for UK distribution and this model is a rare one with a metallic midnight blue finish.

It has the characteristic f-holes of the export model and is equipped with Toaster pickups.

There is a ding on the top edge (near the f-hole on the 6th string side), several pockmarks on the top of the body, a small ding on the back of the body and several pockmarks and scratches.

There is a tiny dent on the 2nd-3rd string low position, but the rest of the guitar is over 90% intact, and there are no problems with the neck or truss rod.

Body : Maple
Neck : Maple
Fingerboard : Rosewood
Weight: 3.35kg

Case: Original Hard Case

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Original Hard
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