8 lbs. 8 oz.

Let's be frank. This thing is a mess. Don't ask how it plays, it plays terrible. Warped neck has the strings a mile high. Has a small bit of body wood separation on the rear at the butt end. No real structural big deal. The pickguard's cracked. It's missing a mute height adjustment screw. The switch tip's wrong. So are the strap buttons. So is the neck pickup (Seymour Duncan). So are the tuning machines. It's got a couple extra holes drilled in it from previous strap button locations. The finish is filthy. Doesn't have a case, but we'll come up with something. What's good about it? It's left handed. It's a '75. It's Autumnglo. Oddly, the frets are in great shape. Almost like new. The truss rod cover is the old plexiglass painted on the backside. The electronics work. The bridge pickup is original. The best news's fixable. Ric necks are more easily straightened than other brands, thanks to their removable/replaceable truss rods. Yes, we could get this done, but we're gonna see if anybody wants to take this on as a project first, before we sink money into it and raise the selling price. So here ya go. Have at it...


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