Model 100

Our Perspective:

This Rickenbacker Lap Steel just came in, its in great condition. Overall its in great condition, we left it as found, we sprayed the volume pot out to get rid of the static. The pick up is very strong and sounds incredible. This shows the quality of the era in which this was built! Comes with the original case as well as 2 period plastic finger picks.

From the research we did, we believe this to be a 1956, which would be the first year of this model.

Consignment Sale, as such, ALL SALES FINAL!!

From the Net:

Serial Numbers, 1954 to September 1959.

Number example: #(#)C####
Number is stamped on the jackplate or bridge.
Numeral(s) before letter designate model: 4=400 or 425, 6=600, 65=650, 8=800.
Letter (represented by "C" in above example) is type of instrument: C=combo (guitar), B=bass, M=mandolin, V=3/4 size.
First numeral after letter is year.
Last 3 numerals are number series.
Each model has its own series.
Example: 65C7123 = 1957 Combo 650, 4C6123 = 1956 Combo 400.
Model 450 have 4C####A configuration.
3/4 size models have V###, V#### or ####A thru Oct 1960, first numeral is still last digit of year.
Basses have B#### configuration.
Mandolins have M### configuration.
Some examples have #C## configuration. Dateable by serial number.

Year Condition Case
~1956 Excellent Original Hard


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