Built small and smart, the Rivera Clubster belts out a rich, all-tube tone that's anything but compact. With 25-watts and a 12"speaker, the Clubster offers two independent, switchable channels, genuine Accutronics® 3-spring reverb, a specially voiced Celestion 70/80 speaker, and high-end features such as an effects loop and line output.

A slant-back front on the rock-solid cabinet makes it easy for guitarists to hear the Clubster without placing it on a chair or riser, simplifying setup and utilizing the natural bass-enhancing effect that comes from having the amp sitting directly on the floor. The Clubster uses an open-back design in conjunction with its Celestion 70/80 speaker to enhance its impressive range of classic, beefy tones.
Ruggedly constructed using an oversized transformer, a welded steel chassis, nickel-plated steel corners, and military-grade components, the Clubster easily withstands the rigors of road and studio. Construction details include a 5/8"-thick, lumbercore plywood enclosure covered with roadworthy black Tolex, and rubber feet and a steel-reinforced vinyl strap handle for extra convenience and totability.


* Channel 1 controls: Volume, bass (pull switch for boost), middle, treble, master
* Channel 2 controls: Volume (pull switch for channel selection), treble (pull switch for bright), bass
* Common front-panel inputs and controls: 1/4" High Gain input, 1/4" footswitch input, reverb control, presence control, power on/off switch
* Rear-panel inputs and outputs: 1/4" effects loop send, 1/4" effects loop return, 1/4" line output, 1/4" external speaker output
* Preamp tubes: Two 12AX7A
* Output tubes: Two 6V6GT
* Output power: 25 watts RMS into 8 ohms
* Speaker: 12” Celestion 70/80
* Footswitch functions: Channel switching, reverb on/off (footswitch is included)
* Reverb: Accutronics® 3-spring reverb
* Height: 19.25" (w/feet)
* Width: 18.25"
* Depth: 12"
* Weight: 38 lbs
* Cabinet material: 5/8"-thick plywood
* Construction: Dadoed joints
* Covering: Black Tolex
Year Condition Case
Call Brand New None


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