For fans of mass distortion, we offer our 55W or 100W 6L6GC models, For players requiring more articulation and attack, our 55W or 100W EL-34 models will no doubt please them. We are conservative in our power ratings and our 100W models will consistently bench up to 120 Watts.

3 Channels, with 3 completely different circuit topologies and sonic textures, along with 2 different and discrete sets of EQ result in a wide range of easy to dial up sounds. Spanning massive gain and distortion tones, to sparkling crystal clean rhythm sounds, you can have it all with the KR series.

On the clean side of tones, Channel 1 has pull switches on its 3-band EQ, to expand the highs and lows, as well as being able to choose blackface or tweed mid tones.

On the Hot side of the tone world, our exclusive Scoop control allows choice of two different lead EQ. voicings. Switchable boosts on each of the 3 channels gives the player 6 different sounds, all MIDI accessible.

Dual Reverb controls allow you to adjust the lush Accutronics spring Reverb balance between distortion and clean.

Rivera Powered Subs can easily be adjusted by a front panel Sub Level control and High-pass filter pull switch. Focus and Presence controls allow the finishing touch for the power amp Eq. of the top and bottom end tones.

Rear panel features include a Series/Parallel Effects loop with Level and Blend controls allowing for flawless patching of virtually any signal processor chain. Perfect for home recording, our equalized Recording Output gives you the option of Silent-Running the entire Preamp without turning on the power amp stage. Speaker Impedance selector and 2 speaker jacks make it easy to connect your cabs. 4 different output power levels are easy to select with a combination of the Vintage-Modern Switch and the Hi-Low Power switch. 100/50/25/12 watts for the 100W models and 55/30/15/8 watts for the 55W model. Mains and High Voltage fuses are on the rear panel as well for ease of service. Revolutionary and unparalled MIDI control over channel switching, gain boosts, reverb, and effects loop bypass allow for a live performance dream. Our new and brilliant Headmaster MIDI pedal can be used to switch non-MIDI amps as well. It is so hip, it can even power your stomp boxes.

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