Following up the introduction last year of the Quiana Studio 112 series, our first series of amps with 6L6GC Output Tubes, we are proud to announce the Quiana Studio 100 Watt 212.

With the stellar praise the Quiana has received in the Media and by musicians, here is the gorgeous looks and tone in a stunning package. Extra-deep cabinetry gives you the warm bottom end, and the sweet compression of the standard Celestion Vintage 30 speaker pair.

Couple this with the spank tine of the 6L6's, results in a harmonious blend of just plain outrageously good tone.

100 Watts of sweet clean power with four matched and hand selected 6L6GC output tubes standard, and a wide and wet tone when pushed. Five 12AX7 Tube Preamp with 2 distinctly different sounding channels with their own independent and discrete 3 band EQ.

Textures and tones ranging from the California tweed, vintage British "Plexi" brown lead tones with gushing gain and sustain, to a breathtaking and superb blackface rhythm and blues are all there. Footswitchable boosts on each channel, 6 Spring "Hammond Long Pan" reverb, and a special Focus and Presence control for speaker damping and final high frequency EQ round out the tone. On the Focus control, is a push-pull switch "Pull Warm" feature.

This activates a circuit that works to enrich the even harmonics of the output stage. A Vintage/Modern switch on the rear panel allows the power to be cut in half and sweeten the even harmonics as well. A Series effects loop with level controls is provided to patch into most any external effects devices. The powering of this amp by 6L6's gives such a silky feel to the high end, and mellows out the lead tones with a velvet glove. A 3 function FS-7 Footswitch is included at no extra cost.

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