RME BOB 32 Breakout Box


Universal Breakout Box

Manufacturer Description:

The BOB-32 breakout box is the ideal solution for interconnecting XLRs and D-Subs. The concept is highly effective and convincing in its simplicity:

There are eight XLR AES/EBU inputs and eight XLR AES/EBU outputs on one side of the BOB-32. The other side provides two D-Sub connectors with 2 different pinout formats (internally switched) to choose between TASCAM/Digidesign or YAMAHA format. Thanks to a highly innovative design, the box can simply be "folded" in the middle, bringing all connectors to one side a simple, yet brilliant solution: BOB-32 is the ideal companion to all devices that use digital D-Sub connectors with TASCAM/Digidesign or YAMAHA pinout.

The BOB-32 is also the ideal interconnection for RME's HDSP AES-32 card. (HDSP AES-32 uses TASCAM/Digidesign pinout for

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