RME Octa Mic ADC Optional A/D card for Octa Mic


Optional A/D Converter For Octa Mic

Manufacturer Description:

The OctaMic D includes the optional OctaMic ADC module, which can also be added to the OctaMic basic version later on. The ADC module adds 8 channels of pristine 192 kHz AD-conversion, available as double ADAT output (S/MUX, up to 96 kHz), and simultaneously via DB-25 connector as 4 AES outputs (up to 192 kHz). The ADC can be clocked internally (master), and externally via word clock and AES sync. RME's outstanding SteadyClock? ensures perfect AD-conversion, as jitter on the external sync-sources is nearly completely removed. All settings are done via DIP-switches on the back of the OctaMic D. Analog outputs and both digital outputs operate fully simultaneously. The choice of reference level affects the analog outputs only, the signal/clip indication and the AD-conversion will react only to the Gain-pots.

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