RME Digi WCM Word Clock ADD ON


Word Clock Module for Digi96 Series

Manufacturer Description:

The WCM MKII (Word Clock Module) adds a word clock input and output in professional quality to the DIGI96 series cards. A low jitter optimized PLL circuit, an integrated clock generator and a unique test mode extend the powerful capabilities of our digital audio cards in a way many professional users have asked for. Like with our other products we were not satisfied with the commonly used standard circuits. Instead, thanks to a newly developed input stage, the WCM gains unsurpassed compatibility and reliability. LEDs for power, test mode and LOCK clearly tell what's going on. With this the WCM stands in the same tradition as our other products: easy to use, always reliable, best performance! The improved and enhanced new Word Clock Module MKII offers additional modes, controlled by easy to operate DIP-switches. With these modes the WCM is fully compatible to all currently used word clocks. Input and output can be set to single or double speed mode independently. An internal termination can also be activated. Therefore T-connector and BNC-terminator are no longer necessary. The internal clock generator can operate not only at 44.1 kHz, but also at 48 kHz. Thanks to the single/double mode of the input those two sample rates extend to 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz internally. OPERATION OF THE WCM MKII Top Thanks to the intelligent co-operation of Word Clock Module and the DIGI96 series their combined usage is very easy. The activation is done by a simple mouse click on 'Word Clock' in the area 'Clock Mode' of the settings dialog. The area to the left, 'Output Status', allows to check whether the word clock is used by the card or not. When a valid input signal is present the third line changes from 'Clock Master' to 'Word Clock'. This display works exactly like the green LOCK LED at the BNC input. Therefore you'll see directly on the screen when a valid word clock signal is received and used by the WCM. The display of the sample frequency in the second line of 'Output Status' does not represent the actual frequency in this mode, but the channel status set in the digital audio signal.

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