Brand New Roadhouse 12 1×12″ Combo.

From Roadhouse Amplifiers:

As far as just straight TONE, the brown era amps have it! With the tip of the cap to Fender’s 6G2 “Brown” Princeton, the Roadhouse 12 does so much so well. This 12 watt tone monster has more headroom and sparkle than a tweed, more midrange than a blackface, and just the right amount of crunch when it breaks up. The tube bias tremolo is legendary. Having paired it with a 12′ speaker and negative feedback switch, the Roadhouse 12 has added potential and versatility to this hand wired beauty.

Power: 12 watts, adjustable fixed bias
Channels: 1, Inputs: 2
Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone, Tremolo, Speed, and Intensity
Tubes: 2) 12ax7 pre-amp. 2) 6v6 power 1) GZ34 rectifier
Speaker: Jensen C12N 12” Auxiliary speaker jack: 8 ohm
Cabinet: Brown Tolex over hand selected pine.
Highest quality components: Minimum 1 watt resistors, and silver-plated 20 ga. PTFE wire throughout. American made transformers

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