Brand New 2018 Roadhouse 15 “Hothead” Head/1×8″ Combo.

From Roadhouse:

The Roadhouse 15 is our flagship amplifier. Guitarists want great tone, and this handsome tweed delivers the goods! Bell-like clean tones, to it’s signature overdrive, become available using the interactive controls the 5E3 Deluxe is known for. Guitar players of all genres appreciate the versatility, touch-sensitive response, and dynamic sustain of this musical amp circuit. You’ll find the reliable Roadhouse 15, a great choice for the home, studio, and live performances.

Hand wired, based on Fender’s classic 5e3 Tweed Deluxe.
Power: 15 watts, cathode biased
Channels: 2 (jumperable) Inputs: 4
Controls: 2 Volume (one per channel) 1 Tone
Tubes: 2 12ax7 pre-amp 2 6v6 power 1 5y3 rectifier
Speaker: WGS G8C 8″ 20-watt ceramic
Auxiliary speaker jack: 8 ohm
Cabinet: Lacquered Tweed over hand selected pine.
Highest quality components: Minimum 1 watt resistors, and silver-plated 20 ga. PTFE wire throughout. American made transformers

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