Last two remaining New Old Stock Roccaforte Custom 80 - 100 Watt Amplifier heads in original boxes. One is Black tolex and one is Dark Green tolex. Pictures above are to represent the amps look and color but the photo above is not the actual amps which are NOS in the factory boxes. I will open box and take a picture for any seriously interested buyer.

This hand point to point wired amp uses 4 EL34's in the output stage and has a custom voiced preamp. This results in an early natural overdrive. The master volume, if used, is for darkening the tone and adding a little dirt at lower volume settings. Custom wound output transformers are used to recreate the classic tones of the 60's British Amplifiers.

Manufacturer's comments "As a musician myself, I know how important it is to have a great amplifier. Not only is the tone important, but so is the build quality. You should be able to have night after night of tone consistency and reliability. All Roccaforte products are assembled by hand. The amplifier circuitry is mounted on a turret board, with component leads wrapped around these turrets. This reduces the risk of ever having a bad connection due to a loose wire or an old solder joint. This type of assembly is "lifetime." Resistors and capacitor types were selected from my years of amplifier repair and modification. These parts do not fail. All transformers are custom hand wound, made in the USA by Mercury Magnetics. Chassis are 16 gauge, triple yellow zinc plated, and CNC machined. Logos, chassis front panels and cabinet vents are all made from line grained stainless steel. Logos are laser cut with hand welded mounting studs. Vacuum tubes are hand selected for rattles, mutual conductance (GM), gas, shorts, life and matching. All vacuum tubes have been burned-in under load for a 24 hr period. This insures that gases left over in the assembly process are burned off to reduce the risk of premature tube failure."

Year Condition Color Case
Call Brand New Black or Green None


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