Jack of Rocknroll Amps is our amp tech at South Shore Guitar Boutique. He has a long history building and servicing high-end Boutique and Vintage amps. While not concerned with trends; Jack build his amps the old fashion way inside and out. Each amplifier is hand fabricated and meticulously hand wired with only the highest end components and speakers. They are true tone machines. If players in the 60's had any of his models, it would have been used as their secret weapon. The Duplex is a 10 Watt 2 EL84 Tube Combo Amp. You can go from Bassman to Plexi and at any volume youd like with the intuitive master volume circuit. For those who prefer demonstrational videos, Jack has made a great demo with all of the features thisin amp has to offer. You can find the video link in this listing. 

The Duoplex 2-EL84

3 modes of operation

1)- Both volume pots pushed in and both toggle switches UP, gives 2 channel Clean mode using Fat volume and Plexi volume. In this setting it is like a 59 Bassman . The two channels are internally jumper-ed and are blend-able. In this mode the Plexi cap is off rendering the Plexi channel to be a brighter brother to the Fat channel and not Plexified.

Try the 2 channels individually. Tone control changes should be made to either add brightness to the Fat channel, or control the brightness of the Plexi channel. Don't forget about the presence control. In this mode I don't recommend using the resonance control because the Fat channel is fat enough. But, hey, your ears may like it.

Try bringing up the Plexi channel to a reasonable volume and then slowly add the Fat channel adjusting tone controls and presence to taste. Plug your pedal board in and rock on.

2)- Real Plexi mode can be achieved by making sure both toggle switches are up. Pull the Plexi pot up to engage the switch. Start with the Plexi volume on zero. While some of you out there might enjoy the extreme treble I recommend rolling the treble and presence way down. You can always add more. Adjust the Fat volume to taste and slowly roll up the Plexi volume control until you find "the spot". From there you can make whatever changes you'd like to. Treble, middle, bass, presence. Try using the Resonance control here.

3)-2203/JCM800 mode is achieved by making sure both volume pots are in the down position and on zero. Both toggle switches should be placed in the Down position. In this mode the Plexi volume control now becomes Gain. The Fat volume control becomes the Master volume. This mode works well with Resonance. You can go from mild distortion to nice crunchy thick overdrive. The Master volume pot can be pulled up for more treble but I would recommend dropping the treble and the presence control when engaging this Bright switch. In the history of the 2203/JCM800 there is a treble "peaking" circuit that many people chose to remove. Here it is on a switch. While I find there is enough gain, if you need higher gain you can always put a distortion pedal in front of the amp.

A) Slope Resistor switch. The value of the slope resistor, controls how frequencies are divided over each tone control. The slope resistor changes the slope of the mid-range dip. The difference is subtle but there. Slope Resitor switch is on the inside of the cabinet. The up position is a 59k slope resistor. The down position is a 47k slope resistor. The tone controls will respond a bit differently.

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