Roll Music Tubule - RMS5A7 500 Tube Mic Pre


500 series tube preamplifier, single space

What we think:

How We Got It

Justin of Roll Music Inc. came to us about 9 months ago with a radical idea: a single channel 500 series tube preamplifier that would have all of the bells and whistles, and still come in under $1k. We were skeptical. We got our hands on our first "Tubule" in early July, and we have not been disappointed!


What It Is

The Roll Music Inc. RMS5A7 is a single slot 500 series tube preamplifier that has both input and gain attenuation for complete control and shaping as well as the standard offerings of Phantom Power, Phase Switching and a 20dB pad.


Great Sound!

The Tubule's sound is fantastic. We were worried that this design and the target price would result in a more "muddy" tube style preamp that lacked detail and definition. Roll Music took their time with this unit and the end product definitely proves it. You can get the big and warm tube sounds from this unit as well as a more subtle and cleaner sound for your more delicate recordings. By using a combination of the input attenuation, the 20dB pad and the gain, you can really shape the preamp sound to get just the tone you are looking for!


Get Yours Now!

The 500 series has really exploded in the market recently, and with the Tubule, we finally have a 1 slot tube preamp that is quite affordable! Call us for more details and pricing!

Manufacturer Description:

Roll Music Systems Inc introduces new RMS5A7 tube microphone preamplifier or "Tubule" in 500-series modular format.

Roll Music Systems, manufacturer of the popular RMS216 Folcrom passive summing device and the acclaimed RMS755 Super Stereo compressor, are set to release their next innovative new product.

With the explosion of new modular products for the 500-series frames sold by various manufacturers, user requests for a tube-based module have been met almost universally with claims by designers and engineers that it couldn't be done. Roll Music Systems has proven it can be done, and be done well.

The Tubule is a real transformer-coupled tube mike preamp, getting all its amplification from a standard dual triode tube. It uses sophisticated modern power management circuitry to generate the high-voltage plate supply and the high-current heater supply to power the tube. Careful design of this high-efficiency power management circuitry has allowed for a preamp that fits within the space and power consumption limitations of a single module.

The Tubule features switches for -20dB input pad, polarity inversion, and phantom power, a 12-position gain control switch that ranges from 33 to 66dB in 3dB steps, and a continuously-variable input attenuator that ranges from 0 to -10dB for very accurate gain settings that can be easily recalled.

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