Roll Music Valvop 500-Series Tube Opto Compressor


The Valvop is a smooth, musical compressor with a simple, intuitive interface and a warm, satisfying audio path.

What we think:

The Valvop is as simple a compressor as they come - more or less compression and make-up gain. It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to dial this one in, and when it's dialed in it's absolute magic. It's not meant to be a clone of any particular compressor, but as a tube opto it shares a common thread with some of the most ubiquitous compressors found on vocal recordings across the past 50 years. 

It's a creamy, VERY smooth and round compressor. Don't expect it to work any sort of magic on drum tracks or other fast transients, but when you want a more gentle caress on your vocal, bass or guitar track, reach for the valvop. Just let your ears guide you to the right threshold setting and you're done almost as soon as you touch the knob.

Manufacturer Description:

The RMS-MC5 Valvop joins the RMS-5A7 Tubule, an all-tube microphone preamplifier module. Both products use the same all-tube, transformer-coupled amplifier circuit in a single 500-series modular format. The tube is powered by a 220V voltage generated inside the module by a proprietary circuit. The circuit is carefully designed to produce adequate voltage for the tube circuit while keeping within the narrow power consumption limitations of the 500-series format. The Tubule has VPR Approval for use in API’s full range of LunchboxTM modular enclosures, while the Valvop’s approval is pending. Both are fully compatible with all known standard 500-series enclosures. Both are built to last, fully enclosed in a rugged steel chassis with robust controls and long-life components.

Controls on the Valvop include a rotary Threshold control pot, 12-position stepped makeup gain switch, and pushbutton switches for bypass and for our unique “PDR” or Program Dependent Release mode, which provides a dual time constant that recovers quickly after compressing transients while releasing more slowly after long passages of loud program material. Gain reduction indication is provided by a single high-visibility LED.

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