Brand New 2017 Ronin Badmoon in sexy Gloss Black!  This is one of the last 2 Badmoons in production (I have a Copper finish Badmoon coming soon).  Build time is over 18 months ....BUT...Ronin is NO LONGER taking custom orders.  Odds of more Badmoons is slim because they take several times the work to craft than a typical Mirari or Morningstar.
The result is something from another dimension. The master-grade old growth redwood (from Ronin's secret stash) is aged to perfection.  Tonally it creates what maple/mahogany wishes it could.  Redwood sounds like the perfect blend of organic and crisp whereas the typical gibson sandwich is like 2 extremes fighting. The Ronin Foilbucker is a perfect complement to the woods.  This pickup isn't like the Lollar or flavor-of-the-week "foils" you may have seen.  These are custom built from the ground up.  The tone is like a microphone matched with a PAF and a Tele Pickup.  Just captures every piece of tonal information you can muster.  Nuance is captured remarkably.  I stand by my assertion that Ronin's are the most exciting new guitar in a decade. For more Specs see the pictures where I have included a detailed sheet. 


Brand New
Gloss Black
13 Years
Jim Pallotta
Online Only
10:06 PM

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