2015 Ronin Kingbird Trem - Brand New Authorized Dealer.  Think Strat/Tele with FOIL Pickups..why?...because foil pickups are clear snappy and unique tonally.  If you have several F-style instruments in your collection isn't it time you expand your horizons and ADD something UNIQUE?  The tones you will achieve from a Ronin will make you believe what I feel...Ronins are the most unique addition to the boutique guitar market in the past 6 years (at least).

Complete specs can be obtained by clicking the link in 'red'.  For a teaser...SOGR (Old Growth Redwood).  Sapelle Neck.   Just 6lb-15oz.    9.5 Radius and 25.5" Scale. Mann Trem which is stable and very fluid.  V-C Neck Profile with Hipshot open tuners that are tight and responsive (and hold tune).    3-way with 'add middle' to get those chimey in-between tones.   Ronins use top quality components from the woods to the hardware.  Pickups are hand wound and proprietary (Ronin makes them and does not sell them individually).

Don't like what you see?  I can custom order you one to your exact specs. SO many models from LP style to S style and even Basses (I have one in stock!).



Brand New
Pehlam Blue
Jim Pallotta
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7:41 AM

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