For your consideration a 1940s S.S. Maxwell Parlor Guitar! Mostly likely made in Chicago by Kay and labeled S.S. Maxwell for for Targ & Dinner Incorporated. Tons of fun 30s stylings, from the headstock logo to the faux tortoise center piece inclosed by two strips and of course the black pick guard! All things considered the body is still very clean but time has pulled the neck forward leaving the guitar better suited for playing slide parts. A nut riser has been added to give it even more clearing.

Specs! This guitar is in fair coniditon. The body is pretty clean for 90 years old but it would need a neck reset to function as a normal guitar. Brass three to a plate tuners. It has a 1.75″ nut width. Maple neck with a depth of .89″ at the first fret and 1.09″ at the twelfth fret. Painted birch fingerboard (concave radius). 18 small brass frets. Birch body with painted binding and purfling. Floating maple bridge. Comes with a chip board case, on its last leg. Weighs 3 pounds and 2.5 ounces.

Year: 1930s

Model: Parlor Guitar

Serial: NA

Finish: Sunburst

Case: Comes with a soft shell case. It's on its last leg.

Weight: 3 pounds and 2.5 ounces.

Condition: This guitar is in fair condition.

Modifications: A nut riser has been added to this guitar.

Comments: Fun little lap steel acoustic!

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