Sabian 22" XS20 Monarch Ride Cymbal


 22" XS20 Medium-thin Cymbal - Vintage Dynamic, Focused Cymbal Tone


What we think:


The Sabian 22" XS20 Monarch Ride Cymbal provides you with a pleasingly focused sound, exceptional dynamic range, and an impressive crash when you really lay into it. The 22" XS20 Monarch Ride plays like a well-cared-for vintage cymbal, but with with cutting-edge innovation. This cymbal is for modern drummers that are seeking: cymbals that are big – and ugly. Of course, ugly is relative – to us, they’re beautiful!



Manufacturer Description:


SABIAN is proud to unveil a new collection of six unique Ride cymbals that are big, dark, loose and dynamic – but most importantly, they are huge fun to play. Although the collection contains cymbals that span four SABIAN cymbal series, all six models are united by their great complexity, versatility and distinctive appearance.

Medium-Thin, with straight-ahead, focused sound, the Monarch delivers vintage look and feel with fantastic crashability at an unbelievable value. Like that amazing cymbal you found in an attic, you'll consider this a huge score.


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