Sadowsky RV4 Dark Lake Placid Blue Electric Bass Guitar


A great playing and refined bass from Sadowsky!


What we think:

 This is one really versatile bass. I love the simplistic approach of having a master volume for overall dynamics, but otherwise having huge amounts of tonal control to dial in just the right amount of warmth or spank. Between the pickup blend, bass boost, treble boost/roll off, and pre-amp bypass this baby can tackle everything from classic round and warm vintage tones to more modern punchy attack as well. If you are looking for a great sounding bass that is not limited to one style of play, and will serve you faithfully at any gig, this could be just what you are looking for. I love the rosewood fretboard and killer "Lake Placid Blue" finish on this particular one as well!

Manufacturer Description:

 Sadowsky Metro Basses


Our Metro Line represents all the basic models of Sadowsky NYC basses but are made by our staff at Sadowsky Tokyo.

The Metro Line offers most of the same features as their NYC siblings including the same pickups, preamp and bridge. The quality of the Metro Line is as high as our NYC instruments.

Our Vintage Series Metro features a slightly undersized J body with pickup placement in '60s location. Rosewood boards are combined with alder bodies, and maple boards will have ash bodies.


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