A very impressive little amp-- Here's some specs from the builder--10" speaker is a Jensen Jet Tornado NEO. The 5751 (similar to 12AX7) pre-amplifier tube controls are gain with pull, treble with pull, and bass. The V.S.C. control regulates the headroom from zero to ten watts and drives the effects loop send. The loop return connects to the speaker via the transparent booster amplifier.

​The V.S.C. tube power amplifier provides class-A tone and feel using a 12AT7 driver tube and 12AU7 power tube. The power supply design allows for plenty of "sag" giving the amp natural output limiting and volume compression. This circuit has amazing touch sensitivity and smooth overdrive when pushed and will clean up beautifully with light attack or roll back on guitar volume. The V.S.C. control is after the tube amplifier and does not affect the gain, tone, or feel of the music while adjusting output power to the speaker. Output power is completely variable from zero to ten watts through a High fidelity Class-AB analog transistor booster amplifier.



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