The Santa Cruz Guitar Company was one of the first of their kind to offer a guitar designed specifically with the fingerstylist in mind--their FS model--with builders Jeff Traugott, Michael Hornick and Steve Palazzo at the forefront of contemporary guitar design. These days, the FS is still going strong: we've got one from 2009 with Madagascar Rosewood and Port Orford Cedar that absolutely sings when fingertips touch strings. Built with a wide lower bout and tight waist for balanced tone and powerful projection, the FS responds well to both a delicate and an aggressive attack, and the rounded C profile of the neck is easy on the left hand.Capable of handling lowered tunings without batting an eye, you won't have to worry about poor intonation: it's nothing but rich, lush tones in here. 14 frets and a Venetian Cutaway for ease of access, a 1 13/16" nut for easy fingering of complex chords, and a almost untouched finish--this FS is more than ready for whatever fingerstyle arrangement you throw at it.
Year Condition Color
2009 Excellent Madagascar Rosewood


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