Santa Cruz D Pre-War Adirondack/Rosewood Dreadnought #7030


An Addy topped dread with the power of a thousand cannons. No, seriously - it's one huge sounding dread.

What we think:

If you heard this dread without seeing it you'd swear it was 10 feet tall!

It's got a wide-open, woody, rich tone that'll blow your banjo players hair back 

It's an incredibly free and dynamic instrument 

I love the way it vibrates against my chest when I lay into a big G chord

Aesthetically simple, lightly built, and prepared with cuts of wood so magical no words could do them justice 

Sometimes you get the impression that the "guitar" still thinks it's a tree

In this case, I think these trees always wanted to be a part of a guitar 


Manufacturer Description:

This dramatic sounding model was designed to introduce the superior sound of Santa Cruz Guitars to players that had been afraid to touch them. SCGC’s reputation for relentless quality and attendant high prices kept many from even trying one out. The Pre-War Model was okay to approach, not inexpensive but not completely intimidating either. Given the opportunity to hear a truly sophisticated guitar, perhaps for the first time, players experienced a paradigm shift in what they thought possible. The D/PW’s powerful volume, overtones and rich presence is an epiphany to the uninitiated. There are no unnecessary design features on this model, simply the finest materials treated to SCGC’s state of the art lutherie. This instrument is the best value to be had in a professionally hand made guitar, period.

Year Condition
Call Brand New


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