These days, parlor guitars are starting to experience the same degree of popularity they enjoyed in their heyday during the early 1900s, thanks to advancements in modern amplification technology and a folk and traditional music revival. Naturally, builders are also expanding their lineups to include smaller-bodied guitars for their rich tonality and comfortable playability. The Santa Cruz Guitar Company has been making parlor-size guitars for some time now, and this 2010 Style 1 Custom is an excellent example of their work. Featuring a seductively figured Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and Italian Spruce top, sparkling Abalone flowerpot inlay and MOP snowflakes, and Brazilian Rosewood bindings, you'd be hard-pressed to find another parlor in this price range that looks (and sounds) so beautiful. All that Brazilian lends this guitar a rich and dynamic range, and when paired with the Italian Spruce's drive, creates a voice with big-bodied sustain. Santa Cruz has given this Style 1 a soft-V neck for vintage appeal and easy fretting, and the 12-fret design makes the strings expressive but not overly tight. Whether it's for American Traditional fingerpicking or Open D Blues, this Style 1 is a powerful instrument that's hard to put down.

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