As Ollie useta say to Stan, “ Well NOW look what you’ve done!” To tell the truth, I didn’t do anything, but it is true that the now eponymous Sardonyx guitars, so rare and made so famous in part by John Lennon playing one in widely-circulated photos, were made by a man who not only worked in my repair department in the 1970s, but is one of my very best friends since we were about thirteen years old. There were only twenty or thirty Sardonyxes ever made and until this one just turned up, having been in the same person’s hands for nearly forty years, no lefties were known to exist; this is it. It appears that I am the one person in the current world of guitar experts and dealers whose name is associated with Sardonyx guitars, and I’ve gotten many questions about them over the years, but this is one of only two that I’ve ever had for sale. It is in original and unaltered condition with only a little fret wear showing and that’s it. The electronics, not having been used for a very long time (it’s been in storage), could use a little cleaning up; the output jack needs attention, possibly simple replacement, and the volume control for the active circuitry (this is one of the very few Sardonyxes that has both standard passive and active circuits) is somewhat wonky. It seems like there are about a zillion switches and knobs on the guitar and to be honest, I just didn’t have it in me to figure out what they all do; I’ll leave that to its next owner. It is being offered as is, with its original hard shell case, at a price that is less than half of others I’ve seen for sale. $6995 w/ohsc

Matt Umanov Guitars

Matt Umanov Guitars

Brand New
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21 Years
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