Amazing Satellite Coronet in what seems to be the most popular color for these, inverness green. This one is very light, 6.3lbs, The hand carved neck feels like a 50's junior, medium size and feels great in your hand, and the Peter Florance Voodoo P-90 sound bright, clear and strong!!
The finish on these guitars is shot and aged in 100% non catalyzed nitrocellulose laquer by Josh Grove at Protocaster Guitars. Besides building Protocaster Guitars, Josh does some of the most accurate, period correct finish and aging around.
This one has a slight "Witness" like right between the pickup and tailpiece where the pickup route was filled and rerouted, it is very hard to see and since this one is so weather checked it blends right in to the checking. We are selling this one at a discount because of that line. A great opportunity to get one of these guitars at a discount!!!
As with all Guitars purchased from MCG, this one comes with a full set up to the customers specs.
Ships in a Levys gig bag, or for an additional $150 it can include a tweed case that is shot in nitro laquer and aged by Protocaster.

Year Condition Color Case
Call Brand New Inverness Green Soft

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