Another amazing amp from Adam Grimm at Satellite amps in San Diego. This is a one 12 inch speaker version of our "Project 3x10" amp which was based on a 1950's Fender Bandmaster. The 3x10 inch speaker versions sounds amazing but we had requests for a smaller 1x12 version of the amp and here it is. With a 12 inch Celestial Creamback it is portable, powerful and full of amazing vintage sounding tone. Adams amps sound unique, somewhere between an old Supro, a bit of vox , and old Fenders certainly come to mind!!! Simple, easy to use layout makes it almost impossible to get a bad sound out of them. The "T" is for tremolo and Adam has recreated the circuit used in the old 50's amps that is deep, lush, and very musical, With two 5881(6L6GB), a trio of 12AX7's, (preamp, driver and trem), and a 5Y3 rectifier, this amp has muscle and a great gritty break up!!!!

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