Satellite Atom Head in “Stealth Blue” just arrived from Adam Grimm and the folk from Satellite Amps in San Diego. Adams amps are simple, easy to use, vintage inspired tone makers that are reminiscent of some of the great vintage amps but have real power and punch. Very organic sounding, sort of like a Valco from the 50’s but more gig friendly. The Atom is the flagship of the Satellite line, 36 muscular watts from 4 EL-84’s, 2 12-AX7’s, and 5AR4/GZ34 tube rectifier. There is a switch on the back to switch from tube to solid state rectifier. It is a really cool option, the SS rectifier is a bit tighter while the tube sags a bit bit and is very musical and vintage sounding. 1×12 cab it is on can be purchased separately.

Year Condition Color Case
Call Brand New Stealth Blue None

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