As I was looking at a booth full of Alembic, Modulus, Fodera and other high-end basses, I asked the guy, "Do you have any '80s or '90s basses? You know, just simple Rock basses that aren't five figures?" The guy almost smirked at me, but said, "I got a couple under here you might want, " and reached under his table. He pulled out this Genesis bass and the '77 Ibanez Black Eagle bass you'll soon see listed. I looked them over, plinked and plunked a few notes and said, "I'll take 'em both." Hopefully, he didn't see me almost smirking as I walked away with them, one in each hand.

I tell you all the above because I not only relish a simple, '80s or '90s bass, but I love them and everything they represent. You put on your best torn cover band jeans and Rebel Flag handkerchief (tied around one knee, of course,) sling that bass down low and get busy. Strike the cool poses and try to impress the girl who you hope will later be that night's particular apple of your eye. And, you had better be able to hold that bottom end down when your guitar payer decides (unannounced, of course) that he was going to extend the solo of "Pride and Joy" by about 20 minutes. That's when you roll your eyes and nod at your drummer to keep going. Done it a million times...

This Genesis bass is exactly what I was describing in the aforementioned paragraph and if it's something "ready to rock" you're looking for, then your search is over. The only thing I told my tech was that the action didn't quite feel right and when he came back and said it needed a new nut, I understood completely. A day and a new, hand-cut Bison Bone nut installation later, this thing has a new attitude. I know it's got a million scratches, dings and bumps, but you would really question this instrument's pedigree if I told you it was dead nuts mint, with zero signs of playwear. If it's an '80s Schecter and doesn't have a few battle scars, I'm thinking there's a skunk in the woodpile, if you know what I mean.

This bass has been checked over, restrung with fresh strings and set up for maximum performance. The gigbag is nice and padded, so it will more than provide enough protection for you to get to that next gig. It's a lot of bass for around a grand, so as always, we thank you for stopping by the land of the Elk and welcome any questions or requests!

Southern Elk Music Co.

Southern Elk Music Co.

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Metallic Candy Red
Southern Elk Music Co.
Ray Mauldin
Niceville, Florida
10:58 AM

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