I'm sure anyone over the age of 40 has a great Pete Townshend memory or moment. For some, it may be the Live at Leeds Concert or their Isle of Wight show back in 1970. Or, it could be the movie and soundtrack for Tommy, one of my personal favorites. These boys have been turning out quality British Rock n Roll for getting close to 60 years and Roger and Pete are still at it even to this day. Now that's quality golf in my book!

But, I think one of the greatest moments was back in 1967 when the band appeared on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. I was only four years old at the time, so of course, my parents had my young behind in the bed, but I remember my father talking about their appearance years later.

Before the advent of Youtube, I had to use my imagination as to what happened, but going by the way my Pop told the tale, the boys in the band came on the show to play a song live. At the end of their song, they started trashing their guitars and everything else on the stage. All of a sudden, the drummer (I know, it was Moon, of course) sets off a kick drum full of dynamite and damn near blows Townshend's head off. By the time he stood up, his wig was on crooked and it looked like a bunch of spiders was having a meeting on his head. My Pop said, "Doodlebug, the guitar player was so pissed off, when one of the Smothers brothers came out, he took his guitar and broke it too." At the time of the original telling, it was the coolest thing I had ever heard of. Typical Brits- always tearing things up...

As to this PT Tele, it's a pretty well-preserved example of a mid-'80s Schecter. Let me first say that we in no way would ever punish a guitar player because he was a lefty. Rather, we will exalt you and do our best to give you the same deal (or better) as we would a right-handed player. There is some pick swirling below the high E string and a few dings and doinks on the face and edges. Being a black guitar, you can probably find a million surface scratches, but I'd say the guitar was just played a lot over the years but not beaten into submission. Black strap locks have been installed sometime in the past, but everything else looks original to the guitars. Both it and the case have been detailed and the guitar will arrive set up and ready to rock. Just be careful if you show up to practice and your daffy-ass drummer says he has a surprise for everybody...

As always, we thank you for stopping by and welcome any questions- please call, email or PM today!

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