William O. Schmick made innovative banjos in Camden New Jersey between the time he got his first patent in 1914 and 1925.

The instruments featured a deep resonator, which later became the inspiration for the Vega Vox series which first appeared in 1928. Most Schmick instruments featured simple  inlays on both the peg head and fret board, but this "deluxe" version has fancier inlays and back strip marquetry than usually found. It is rumored that the Vega company may have made the necks for Schmick and  perhaps the rims as well.

Schmick banjos have some unique features — the maple internal resonator and (perhaps the first) "top-tension" head adjusted by means of simple slotted head screws on the face of the banjo  This example is in excellent original condition, save for a few blemishes on the resonator and is very playable with its (probably) original calfskin head producing very pleasing tones and remarkable volume, even with a light touch.

$1950.00 with chipboard case.

Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

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Vintage Gintage
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