1920s Schmick 20 Fret Tenor Banjo

William O. Schmick built banjos in Camden, N.J. from 1914 until 1925. His designs were unique and he produced a quality line of instruments in those few years. He received a patent for his banjo rim design in 1916.

This 20-fret tenor banjo has that “top tension” style rim, crafted of curly maple with simple adornments plus an inset tone ring-resonator combination that was very popular with manufacturers in the early part of the 20th Century. The extended fingerboard is bound in white with a combination of dots and elliptical shape inlays and a peg head inlaid with the Schmick name and a floral design inlaid in mother-of-pearl inlaid.

$695.00  with original hard case.

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Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

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Vintage Gintage
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