Schoeps BLM 03 Cg Miniature Boundary-Layer Capsule


Component Microphone Capsule

Manufacturer Description:

Miniature version of the BLM 3g, with active cable. Unobtrusive and universally applicable, the BLM 03 Cg is recommended in those cases where the BLM 3g is too large (e.g., for TV or movie screen) or too heavy (e.g., when mounted in the interior of a car under the roof, or under a piano lid).

The BLM 03 Cg offers all the recognised advantages of the BLM 3g, while its smaller size permits more unobtrusive microphone placement. Its shallow profile and circular shape can often be disguised or hidden, as under a light tablecloth

An active cable hard-wired to the BLM 03 Cg allows it to be joined to any microphone amplifier of the Colette Series to become a complete microphone.

The active filter CUT may also be added.

It should be noted, however, that any boundary-layer microphone must be placed on a sufficiently large sound-reflecting surface for adequate low-frequency reproduction. For speech applications as, for example, when a conference is to be recorded, the table-top may be sufficient; but most music pickups will require a larger surface.



  • Pressure transducer with hemispherical pattern
  • Active miniature version of the BLM 3g
  • Unobtrusive, universally applicable
  • Preferred applications: on speaker's podiums, altars, ambient sound recording or for recording orchestras
  • Diameter: only 80 mm

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