Schoeps M222 Vaccum Tube Microphone Amplifier


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All capsules are available in matched pairs with official Schoeps documentation. For matched pairs multiply the cost of the microphone exactly by two and then add $40 dollars for the matching fee! The amplifier bodies are available in sequentially serial numbered pairs at no additional charge. Any Schoeps product not found on our webpage can be purchased through Sound Pure. Please call and talk to one of our staff members to inquire about the price and availability!

Manufacturer Description:

The model M 222 is based on the name of the legendary SCHOEPS tube microphone M 221 B. However, its circuit design does not merely recycle techniques from the sixties; rather it unites a first-quality tube with fully up-to-date circuitry. For example, the audio signal path is transformerless, and the overall specifications and performance are significantly improved. The dimensions and fittings of the M 222 amplifier are the same as those of the CMC series. Any capsules of the Colette Series be used (including the BLM 03 Cg) as well as all Active Accessories such as the CUT, KC, RC and GVC. The M 222 can be ordered with two different powering units. With the NT 222 DC, an AC adapter is supplied but portable operation from an external 12 Volt supply (e.g. car battery) is possible as well; the output is also switchable to line level. The NT 222 AC has identical dimensions, but its mains transformer is internal and the output is not switchable to line level. Thanks to its universal output circuitry it can be used with any microphone input, whether phantom powered or not and whether balanced or not. When connected to 48 V phantom power ("P48 ON"), cable runs up to 200 m can be used. "HARMONICS" (see below) is adjustable in five steps. The power supply offers a "TUBE DIRECT" switch setting in which there are no semiconductors in the signal path whatsoever. A "HARMONICS" switch alters the Q-point of the tube, causing the gradual increase of harmonics to set in earlier, to emphasize the typical "tube sound." Supplied equipment: transport case with: tube microphone M 222 microphone cable KS 5U, 5 m long powering unit NT 222 DC or NT 222 AC popscreen B 5 microphone clamp SG 20 only with NT 222 DC: miniature mains adapter, 90 ? 260 V

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