Schoeps MK 4VXP Cardioid Microphone Capsule


Cardioid side-address microphone capsule with a low-frequency rolloff and high-end emphasis, ideal for close voice recording.

What we think:

All capsules are available in matched pairs with official Schoeps documentation. For matched pairs multiply the cost of the microphone exactly by two and then add $50 for the matching fee! The amplifier bodies are available in sequentially serial numbered pairs at no additional charge. Any Schoeps product not found on our webpage can be purchased through Sound Pure. Please call and talk to one of our staff members to inquire about the price and availability! Additionally, contact us for more information regarding personalized laser engraving on your Schoeps microphones. 

Manufacturer Description:


  • Cardioid for lateral pickup
  • For pick up of speech or music at close range (under 10 cm)
  • Considerable attenuation of low frequencies
  • Emphasis of high frequencies
This cardioid microphone, with its main axis along its side, improves speech intelligibility in very loud environments. It is designed for the very closest speech pickup, i.e. directly in front of the speaker’s mouth. Its low-frequency rolloff is compensated by proximity effect. Thus it has (up to the point of its high-frequency emphasis) a flat frequency response for the speaker’s voice, while showing a rolloff at low frequencies for all sound that originates from a greater distance. As a result, background sounds are picked up less strongly than the person speaking.


The MK 4VXP or CCM 4VXP should be used with the popscreen B 5 in order to prevent “popping“ sounds from the voice.
The CCM 4VXP has proved itself especially when used in the broadcasting or recording of motor sporting events. In this case it is attached to the user’s headphones.

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