Schoeps Super CMIT Digital Shotgun Microphone


The SuperCMIT defines a new category of shotgun microphone, with directivity that goes beyond anything previously known. It offers the recording engineer entirely new possibilities.

Manufacturer Description:

The SuperCMIT 2 U has one capsule positioned behind its forward-facing interference tube,plus a second capsule that is aimed in the
reverse direction. At frequencies below 6 kHz the signals of these two transducers are analyzed and compared by a digital signal processor
using technology from Illusonic (patent applied for). It can recognize sound energy arriving from discrete directions, deduce whether its direction of arrival is persistent or not, and distinguish such energy from diffuse arriving sound. This information is then used to focus on the discrete sound energy while suppressing the diffuse sound. Thus the ”reach” of this microphone is greatly increased, without artifacts or coloration of the sound. Above 6 kHz the signal from the forwardfacing transducer is used without further processing, since the interference tube's effect is already optimal in that range. The SuperCMIT is the first microphone in the world to offer such high directivity while maintaining such high quality of sound.

    * new type of digital shotgun microphone with increased directivity, based on SCHOEPS' extremely successful analog model CMIT 5
    * diffuse sound is suppressed to an extraordinary degree
    * completely new operating principle with two transducers
    * uses digital signal processing algorithms from ILLUSONIC (patent pending)
    * two-channel output, with SuperCMIT signal in channel 1 and (direct, single-transducer) CMIT signal in channel 2
    * SCHOEPS sound quality: transparent sound

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