sE Electronics Gemini 5 Tube & FET Cardioid Condenser Mic


Switchable Tube and FET Mic in one

Manufacturer Description:

The Gemini 5 is another world's first from sE - using the same capsule as the industry standard Gemini II, the G5 is a mic with a difference. Unlike the Gemini II the G5 has only one tube, however this can be switched out completely to a Solid State only mode via the brushed Aluminium PSU, making the G5 operable as either a high end Tube condenser, or a superb FET mic - effectively 2 great mics for the price of one.

However, the real fun starts when you mix the dual output. Record both the FET and valve output simultaneously and get the perfect blend of premium FET and tube overtones of that "once-in-lifetime" take. The Gemini 5 cardioid condenser is the only dual output microphone in the market.

The chassis styling is scaled down form the original Gemini II, and the mic comes with a stylish shock mount and flight case. Its not only unique though, its two of the best sounding mics on the market in one!

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