sE Electronics H1 Handheld Live Vocal Condenser Microphone


The ultimate stage and studio all round performance mic for vocals and instruments.

Manufacturer Description:

The ultra-smooth sounding condenser capsule has been re-voiced and tuned specifically to roll off a little more high frequency and take a higher SPL, making it ideally suited to meet both the need for live/touring applications, and project studio recording.

The H1 live condenser microphone has a specialised internal shock mount which gives it ultra low handling noise, equivalent to that of a dynamic mic, while maintaining the sonic performance of a high quality condenser, so live performances sound like studio takes!

The new H1 has a strengthened mesh head to take the abuse that live performance will throw at it. It’s finished in all black rubberised paint, extra ‘grippy’ and very sexy looking as well as practical for live applications. This mic is a true all rounder with great studio recording capability and a live sound that will astound you, and for the same kind of money as a good dynamic stage mic you will not believe the flexibility and improvement in sound quality you get with the sE’s second generation H1 live condenser microphone.


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