Sebatron VMP 2000e Dual Tube Mic Pre


Dual Channel Valve Microphone Preamplifier.

What we think:

Warm, Round and Fat, Sebatron has scored big with his new extremely impressive line of mic preamps. Generally speaking, if you want high-end, quality tube mic pre's, you've got to spend seriously big money. An all tube high end tube pre of comparable quality from just about any other manufacturer would cost double the price of this one. But here, you get in there at a fraction of the cost, with prices as low as $400 per channel (with the 4 channel, non VU version, the 4000e), and without any sacrifice in quality or features. Not only is the first rate buttery tube sound run by a high voltage tube plate, but each preamp has a number of features including some basic EQ/tone/color shaping settings, phantom power, pad, and front panel DI for each channel.

The Sebatron gear is absolutely top quality built, using what Sebatron likes to refer to as organic tube design. Every single part in each hand-built Sebatron unit is there for a reason, hand selected with the best possible sound quality in mind. The clarity and detail expected from high-dollar, high-end tube equipment is still present, and the wonderful warmth, roundness, richness, and body that the Sebatron sound is quickly becoming known for is paramount. Although one wouldn't necessarily want to use exclusively tube mic pre's all day everyday on every single track in their studio, we think that it's safe to say, as far as adding quality in a value package, you won't be able to touch the price/performance of any of the Sebatron mic preamps for the money.

If you need the metering, check out theSebatron VMP2000 with VU meters . Or, for one of the best deals on the market today (on a per channel basis), take look at the Sebatron 4-channel VMP-4000e boasting the identical quality to both 2 channel sebatron pre's, but an extraordinary per-channel price. And, for one more link to a Sebatron product, the Thorax all tube channel strip is a loaded up, extremely powerful channel strip including a very warm EQ, and compressor. There is no other way to get your studio in to a high-end studio tube microphone preamplifier in this price range. We recommend taking advantage of this amazing pricing today, before Sebastian changes his mind- they are already having a hard enough time building enough of these things for our demand, and we've been keeping this little secret quiet until we had the chance to really put these through our paces! We were more than just impressed, and you will be too. Everyone needs a big, buttery, high end tube preamp in their studio, now's your chance at a price we never thought possible.

Manufacturer Description:

The Sebatron Valve Microphone Preamplifier has been designed to bring back that Classic tone to digital recording and multitracking.
The Sebatron VMP series (Valve Microphone Preamplifier) is available in two channel (with or without VU) and four channel formats ... the vmp-2000e , vmp-2000eVU and vmp-4000e.All circuitry is High Voltage Discrete Class A for optimal headroom, wide audio bandwidth and maximum transient response.
The valve Anode Voltage is approximately +300VDC.
Microphone inputs are transformer coupled for an organic 'pleasant to the ear' flavour and all signal gain is provided by the valves..Direct Inputs are available for Bass, Guitar, Keyboards and running line level signals through etc.The two-band switched Passive Equalization network and variable colour control via the Pad switches allow the user to carefully sculpt the signals when dealing with the clinical and lifeless quality of Digital (or otherwise ) recordings.Such is the organic quality and musical colouration of the VMP series circuit that they are often used to run stems (sub mixes) or full mixes through to obtain that characteristic 'Analog glue' that Digital recording systems simply cannot produce.Sebatron preamplifiers are being used everyday by Professional hi end audio studios all around the world.

The VMP Series of preamplifiers from Sebatron is aimed at filling in the gap between ‘transparent’ amplification and ‘coloured’ or character preamplifiers. They can be driven lightly for pure, almost transparent sounds with just an edge of true valve tone or slammed into thick distortion, with a spectrum of colours available in between.


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