If you’ve got a 19th-century Martin with its original tuners missing, a very common occurrence, these might be just the set for you. Most of the early Martins with geared tuning machines had those made by Seidel, in Germany, though Seidel rarely put their name on them. With backplates of German silver, this set has its floral pattern decorations hand-engraved, as opposed to the usual roller-press stamping usually seen, which should indicate their having been made in the 1860s-80s as opposed to later. The spacing between gears 2-3 and 4-5 is 1-1/4”; between gears 1-2 and 5-6 is 1-5/16”, not unusual on these early tuners. The buttons (or knobs) are of genuine bone, beautifully shaped. All of the gears and worms are in excellent condition; one gear screw is missing though the gear is quite tightly in place. These very early tuning machines rarely become available. This is a rare opportunity to acquire an original set at below market price. $995

Matt Umanov Guitars

Matt Umanov Guitars

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