This is the second version of the famous Futurama as used by George Harrison and Jimmy page etc produced in 1959 for Selmer by the Czechoslovakia company called CSHN (or Czechoslovak Music Instruments in English)
The Futurama III, which had a rosewood look-a-like fingerboard (generally a dark stained beech) and a body-edge mounted jackplug socket. The tremolo unit also changed from a two post system to a separate wood mounted bridge unit. The change to a dark fingerboard was the most visible change however. Now, wasn't it at about that time that Fender went onto rosewood boards?

The Futurama III guitar was actually made by a different company in Czechoslovakia called CSHN (or Czechoslovak Music Instruments in English) at Hradec Kralove . Production of this version commenced at Hradec in c1959 as the Grazioso production came to a halt at Resonet/Drevotvar in Blatna due to a change in management and the subsequent move of the afore mentioned Mr Ruzicka, the instigator of the Grazioso, Mr Josef Rika (the Drevotvar production manager) and Mr Vlek (the Drevotvar design engineer) to CSHN in Hradec.

The Hradec Kralove manufactured Futurama III was initially called the "Neoton Star II" (or perhaps Star III) initially in Czechoslovakia. The "Neoton" trade name was soon dropped however, being replaced by the trade name of "Jolana" - probably after the name of Mr Ruzickas's daughter !!

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