If you are into Selmer guitars, which I am, it is hard to find one with more provenance, magic, and level of attraction. This one is #98, and was made during the brief one year period that Macaferri was at Selmer, he parted ways with them at that point. This is considered a 'preproduction' Macafferi, as the preponderance of Selmers were made without his hands on them. It has a bunch of unusual to unique features, notably a tailpiece with turtle shell and most rare, a macasser ebony body, of which VERY few were ever made, one would not need a complete hand to count them. The internal resonator is in perfect shape, and the guitar sounds and plays marvelously. There is no record as to whom this was made for, if the fingerboard inlays were ordered or added, like most of these early models there is newer finish ( although quite old), as there was not much finish on these to start out with. A guitar I dearly love.

Year Condition Case
1932 Excellent None


Intermountain Vintage Guitar
kennard machol
salt lake city, Utah
available by appointment