Full wireless G3 guitar rig from Sennhieser! Everything works great, includes the following pieces

2X EM 500 G3 Receivers (B Range)
4X SK500 G3 Bodypack Transmitters (B Range)
1X EM 500 G3 Receivers (G Range)
2X SK500 G3 Bodypack Transmitters (G Range)
2X SK100 Bodypack Transmitters (G Range)
1X ASA1 Active Antenna Splitter (500-870MHz) (with power supply)
8X Short BNC Cables
2X A2003-UHF Wideband Directional Antenna
1X Bodypack to 1/4 inch Cable


Includes the appropriate mounting plates and rack ears. One of the rack ears is missing a screw. Includes an extra set of rack ears, and some other accessories from a Sennheiser mounting kit. 

This gear was pulled from a touring rig and shows wear as you would expect. Everything functions as it should without issue. 

One of the G band packs has an attend that has been repaired with heat shrink. 


All items show wear as pictured. 


We have shipped hundreds of instruments and other music related items and can assure you your new gear will be packed professionally with the utmost care, using high quality materials.

Please see pictures for exact condition and details

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for looking!

A Flash Flood of Gear

A Flash Flood of Gear

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A Flash Flood of Gear
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