Near-mint with original footswitch, guitar cord, owners manual with schematic and parts list. How do we know it's a 1966? Because it also has the original Sears payment book dating the sale to 11/10/66 at a whopping $12/month. We ran it through the shop to clean, tighten, and test but all the original tubes tested perfect. It's just as Danelectro had designed it with original 12" Jensen speakers with original cones. Tremolo and reverb work as does the footswitch. The red rubber is still on each of the 3 switches. These are rated at 60 watts and honestly that's rather hopeful marketing because there is no way this amp is louder than a Fender Bandmaster rated at 45 watts. Still, these are handwired and rather light with speakers that break up in a sweet, slightly squished way. 2 channels with 4 inputs so the whole band can plug in (don't laugh, more times than not in 1966 that's how amps with multiple inputs were pitched). Sears tubes were well-regarded and the power tubes are a pair of RCA 6L6GCs. It's tone candy. We dare say it's the cleanest we've seen.

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