General Description: Here is the original description of the Silvertone Model 1446L as it appeared in the 1966 Sears catalog courtesy of

"Maple from Canada and Wisconsin for the tops and backs for Sears Hollow-body Electrics..produces a special, mellow resonance on low tones

Yet, thanks to this maple, you still get all the brilliant highs electrics are famous for

Truly professional-quality guitars. Slimmest possible neck makes every chord easy to reach. Strings only 1/18 in. above the fingerboard make fingering a snap. Famous Bigsby vibrato add Hawaiian-guitar effect. Description from

Tone and volume controls for each pickup. Adjustable bridge and steel rod neck reinforcing. Celluloid edge binding; inlaid positiion markers. About 41x16x2 in. deep. With 10-ft cord and advanced instruction book.

Dual-pickup . . three pickup combinations. Hand-rubbed black finish; ebonized fingerboard.
Shipping weight 12 pounds. Description from
57 W 1446L.......$154.95

Case for hollow-body electric guitars. Leather-grained black vinyl on chipboard. Thick, red rayon-plus lining. About 43x17x4 inches deep
57 W 738L--Shipping weight 10 pounds.....$14.95"

Year Condition Color Case
~1960 Excellent Black Hard


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