This is a super rare amp these days and is an absolute joy in terms of tone and dynamics. It's probably the closest you can get to the Robben Ford sound without splashing out on a Dumble. It is a two channel design – ranging from fat warm clean tones to singing overdrive, with a built-in switchable boost function. This is not a high gain amp, but an amplifier for the guitar bluesy player who wants the best tone or machinery that will interact with the dynamics supplied by the guitar players hands. The switchable A/B master volume feature enables you to go instantly from rhythm level to solo level – without any additional units connected. The Overdrive 50 is a 50W All-Tube amplifier using a pair of selected 6L6 output tubes. Tube buffered effects loop is standard.

The sale consists of the Overdrive 50 head and its matching 2 x 12 cab and foot-pedal. The head is flight-cased.
The price includes insured shipping to the US.

Rare as Rubies

Rare as Rubies

Rare as Rubies
Julian Marsh
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
9:37 PM

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