We've got a hearthrob for all you flatpicking maestros who want a Dreadnought for cannonading at the Bluegrass session that can also handle delicate fingerstyle arrangements when you're playing solo--this 1986 Somogyi Mod D with Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce is the birthday present you've been waiting for all year.

The voice is strong and expressive, but excellently well-balanced so even when you're providing backing chord work for your bandmates the guitar is articulate and clear. The middle registers have a particular presence that puts a little extra meat on the bones of your solos, fleshing out the tone with warmth and color. With brand new frets and a McIntyre Feather pickup, this Somogyi is ready to hit the stage!

One of Ervin's earlier guitars, this Mod D is a unique glimpse into the foundations of Ervin's legendary reputation--and with a foundation as strong as this guitar, it's no wonder Somogyi has become a household name for guitarists and builders everywhere.

Year Condition Color
1986 Excellent Rosewood - East Indian


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